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Copywriter & Journalist

Travel   |   Wellness   |   Diversity   |   Art   |   Business

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In today's digital landscape, compelling storytelling is the heartbeat of social impact initiatives. As a Copywriter, Journalist, and Multimedia Storyteller, I weave narratives that resonate deeply, fostering connections and igniting action.


My storytelling specialties include (but aren't limited to) Travel, Wellness, Diversity, and Business, crafting narratives that evoke emotion and inspire change. I've worked with impactful companies and organizations such as Best Buddies, tourism bureaus like Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau and Visit St. Pete/Clearwater, and renowned news platforms like CBS News and NBC WFLA. Through solution-based journalism, I work with innovative publications like 83 Degrees Media and Images and Voices of Hope to spotlight transformative solutions in the community.


I believe that powerful storytelling amplifies the voices of social impact champions, driving engagement and catalyzing meaningful change.

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Newsletters   |   Press Releases   |  SEO Content Writing



Feature Articles   |   Experiential Advertorials   |  Guides & Itineraries

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Festival Guides   |   Round-Ups   |  Artist Features

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Black Representation   |   Cultural Awareness   |  Social Change



Holistic Women's Health   |   Sustainability   |   Mindfulness   |   Plant Medicine

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☼   About Zebrina   ☼

I'm Zebrina, a passionate and purposeful freelancer empowering mission-driven companies through the art of multimedia.

Every click of the shutter, every word on the page, and every post on social media is infused with purpose.

Whether you're planning a wedding, seeking to capture precious family moments, or a mission-driven company looking to inspire change, I'm here to help you tell your story. Let's collaborate, and together, we'll create a legacy that lives on.

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