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Weddings   |   Elopements   |  Engagements

Cinematic. Heartfelt. Timeless.

I'm not just a wedding photographer – I'm a storyteller with a camera, a documentarian of love stories. With my unique documentary wedding photography approach, I capture the authenticity and candidness of each wedding day. My style allows couples to be themselves, free from the constraints of posing and forced smiles.

My lens captures moments as they unfold, and my photos speak of genuine emotions and connections. The comfort I provide allows couples to relive their special day effortlessly, each image a doorway to cherished memories.

Capturing loving moments & emotionally-driven stories

Documenting candid memories like genuine laughs, tear-filled glances, and quiet, heartfelt exchanges.


My mission is to capture the emotions, atmosphere, and unique moments of your wedding day. With an emphasis on storytelling, I weave together a tapestry of memories that will remain meaningful and memorable for generations to come.


My work is an invitation to relive the most beautiful day of a couple's life through authentic and genuine images, forever preserving the love story that unfolded before my lens.

☼   Weddings   ☼

Your wedding is a cinematic masterpiece, and I'm honored to be your storyteller. With each shot, I capture the authentic love that surrounds you, preserving the feelings of your special day.


I genuinely capture the intimate moments, the stolen glances, and the laughter shared with every click of the shutter. Your love story unfolds beautifully like a timeless romance in a movie.


Let's capture the story of your love to be cherished for generations to come.

Wedding packages start at $1250 & include:

  • Unlimited photos captured

  • Sneak peeks delivered in 5-7 business days

  • Final gallery delivered in 4-8 weeks

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☼   Elopements   ☼

Imagine a serene mountaintop, an enchanting forest, or a secluded beach where only the two of you exist in the world. In that moment, I'll document your adventure, your laughter, and your quiet moments—the candid, unfiltered essence of your love.


In the intimacy of your elopement, I find the raw emotions that define your love story. Like a cinematic journey, I capture your love in every frame, preserving the moments that make your elopement a story worth retelling.

Elopement packages start at $1000 & include:

  • Unlimited photos captured

  • Sneak peeks delivered in 5-7 business days

  • Final gallery delivered in 4-8 weeks

☼   Engagement & Lifestyle   ☼

Celebrate the everyday magic that makes your love unique. Whether it's an intimate at-home session, an adventure exploring together, or simply a stroll in your favorite park, I'm here to freeze these moments in time.

​From engagements, honeymoons, babymoons, and every milestone in between, I'm passionate about capturing the art of everyday life, for these are the moments that become cherished memories. One day, you'll look back and smile, reminiscing about these snapshots of love.

Lifestyle packages start at $450 & include:

  • Unlimited photos captured

  • Sneak peeks delivered in 5-7 business days

  • Final gallery delivered in 4-8 weeks

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2-for-1: Love Story Films

Capture your loving moments with both photography & videography from our wife + husband creative team

☼   Photo + Video = Everything You Need To Capture Your Wedding Day   ☼

Wife + Husband Creative Team

Need a wedding videographer too? Look no further! My husband Imani and I are thrilled to offer you the perfect complement to my photography services—wedding videography by Imani Lee Creative.


Our wife + husband creative team is passionate about creating unforgettable memories for your special day. By choosing our combined photography and videography package, you'll get the best of both worlds—captivating photos that tell your story and cinematic videos that bring your loving moments to life.

Imagine having your love story expertly documented in both photographs and video, all captured with a seamless synergy that only a wife + husband team can provide. It's more than just a package; it's a collaboration of creativity, a fusion of artistry, and a guarantee that your memories will be preserved in the most beautiful and comprehensive way.

Whether it's your wedding day, an engagement, an elopement, or any other special occasion, our 2-for-1 package ensures that every significant moment is captured from every angle, with the same dedication, style, and expertise that defines our work.

2-for-1 Wedding Photo + Video packages start at $4000

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