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Copywriting & Content Creation

I have worked with a local nonprofit accelerator program, an engineering firm, and a university communications office to create compelling, branded copy for websites, marketing collateral, and press releases.


Freelance Copywriter

I strategically used my copywriting skills & content creation experience to help improve Tampa Bay Wave’s position as a thought leader in the tech startup industry in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. I created compelling, branded website copy for Wave’s redesigned website to help improve its position as a thought leader in the tech startup industry. I reviewed, proofread, and copyedited content for the redesigned website. I also coordinated Wave’s email marketing campaigns by creating newsletters to nurture, build, and maintain brand relationships with its tech startups, sponsors, and key stakeholders.


Projects Coordinator

I reviewed, proofread, edited, and formatted proposals, project manuals, and engineering reports on tight deadlines for aviation and government clients. I coordinated project proposals in conjunction with AID engineers to ensure that objectives were fulfilled, AID’s quality standards were achieved, and deadlines were met in a timely manner. I frequently used Adobe InDesign CC and Photoshop CC to design layouts for project proposals, static advertisements, slide deck presentations, and print collateral for online, offline, external, and internal needs.

I also developed content and created copy for AID’s upcoming redesigned website. This new branded content is designed to inform the company’s target audience, strengthen the website’s brand message, and improve the overall effectiveness of the redesigned website.


Redesigned website (launch date TBD by firm)

Current company website:



University Photographer & Student Associate​

As a university photographer, I photographed a variety of campus activities at Washington and Lee University to help enhance the university's reputation among its students, faculty, staff, alumni, and key stakeholders. I used the photo editing software Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC to conduct basic retouches, color correct, and enhance light and exposure composition levels of the photographs.


As a student associate, I created content in the form of articles, press releases, executive bios, social media content, and features designed to promote Washington and Lee University students, alumni, programs, and events. I also coordinated with media outlets to help optimize coverage for the university. I copyedited, proofread, and revised marketing collateral for the Office of Communications & Public Affairs, which helped maintain Washington and Lee University's brand message and image.


W&L's Scene on Campus

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